We were founded in 2014 in cold mountains of wild Russia. Like dwarfs which are always seeking for rare gems and precious stones we were seeking for the perfect steel and alloys for awesome sounding and at last we found it. Now we want to share it with whole wide world.


  • Vajrafon – is the new generation handpan. The handpan is the percussion musical instrument, consisting of two nitrided and varnished steel hemispheres. Vajrafon means – “Brilliant Sound”. It’s a drum made of different kind of steels and alloys. We have different series of vajrafons: “Silver Top”and “Mars”. Our handpans are absolutely rustless, have long sustain and deep acoustic.
  • Vajrafon “Silver Top” is made from the nitrided steel DC04 which is also varnished for extra protection. The sound is deep and clear. The handpan has 53cm diameter and 25cm of height. The weight is near 6 kg.
  • Vajrafon “Mars” is the handpan which is made from the titanium and stainless steel alloys. Vibrating harmonics and overtones make the sounding really different and brilliant. The handpan has 53cm diameter and 25cm of height. The weight is near 6 kg
  • Sattvafons – are the beautiful tongue drums made from nitrided steel and designed with awesome paintings as space views and mandalas. Sattvafon means “Bliss of Sound”. These kind of drums have 45-50 cm diameter, 20-23 cm height and weight near 5 kg. Sattvafons cost cheaper then vajrafons, so you can always save purchasing this beautiful drum.
  • Tongue happy drums with engraving. We offer really good quality and price for small tongue happy drums. The diameter of our happy drums is 20/30/40 cm. Usually we make 30 cm. And the price you see on our website is exactly about 30 cm diameter tongue drum with unique engraving on the surface. All happy drums from our manufactory are rustless.
  • Hardcases for handpans and tongue drums. We sell the hard cases / backpack bags for  handpans. It fits any type of handpan of any manufacturers. You can purchase separately or together with handpan.
    A comfortable ergonomic backpack-case, which can be worn behind the back. It has  strong and comfortable straps on carabiners. You can easily hold it in the hand by a comfortable handle.
    The case has built-in 4mm plastic plates for anti-vandal effect.
    There are different colours available: red, black, blue, green. yellow. Other colours of your choice.
    Different dimensions available.


  • We deliver all over the world directly to your address.
  • The delivery is absolutely free!

Guarantees and Support

We always keep in touch with our clients and support them. In case of any problem, we will always help our customers  and can arrange retuning of the instrument. We are always online for support.


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