Vajrafon “Mars” handpan made of titanium and stainless steel

1600 $

Vajrafon “Mars” is the unique prototype, created for the first time in our history from titanium and stainless steel alloys.

Now it is acceptable for anyone all over the world!

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Vajrafon “Mars” is made from titanium and stainless steel alloys. We built it without any use of paints or varnishes, the surface of the Vajrafon “Mars” has a unique vortex pattern, similar to the surface of a mighty planet. The Vajrafon “Mars” is tuned in D Celtic scale – one of the most interesting scales. But we can make any scale our customer choose.

Vajrafon “Mars” has a unique vibrational sonority, long sustain.
The peculiarity of Mars is that it has a higher concentration of harmonics, tuned overtones, than the standard handpan made from nitrided steel. With this instrument you can create really cosmic melodies.

The handpan has 54cm diameter and 25cm of height. The weight is near 6 kg.

For online  chat, free calls write to the administrator in WhatsApp: +79104524227

Videos with sounding can be viewed on our website or you can make a request in WhatsApp and the administrator will send you examples of sound and you can choose your scale (tuning).

We deliver all over the world exactly to your address!

For the order  you need to send us your full address with post zip code, full name of the recipient, your mobile phone for communication and advance payment of the musical instrument.
Payment is convenient by services as,, bank transfer, , Western Union, Unistream, MoneyGram or any other money transfer system.

Manufacturing process:

When building a vajrafon our worker uses the titanium and the stainless steel alloys. Using the stainless steel we prevent any oxidation (rusting) of the steel in any time. The titanium is used to protect the instrument from an aggressive environment and make the special sounding of the handpan. We make kiln burning in 300-500C. Afterwards we gluing two semispheres together and make the tuning with special computer programme.


Our vajrafon handpans keep the tuning for years, if they you follow simple advices:

  1. Do not store your vajrafon by any heater system or near open fire.
  2. Do not keep vajrafon outdoor, in the cold,
  3. Do not drop or hit your vajrafon with hummer or any tool.

Guarantees and Support

We always keep in touch with our clients and support them. In case of any problem, we will always help our customers  and can arrange retuning of the instrument. We are always online for support.




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