Tongue drum (30 cm). Happy drum. Flower of Life

250 $

– Ø 30 cm
– Height 18 cm
– Weight: 3.5 kg
– Story: E-major (E3, F # 3, G # 3, B3, C # 4, E4, F # 4, G # 4, B4).

Gift: sticks for the game.

Описание товара

The flower of life can be found in all world religions. In Egypt, where all monotheistic religions came from, the Flower of Life can be seen in the ancient temple in Abydos. In Israel, it is found in the ancient synagogues in Galilee and Masada. The Flower of Life contains the patterns of creation that have arisen from the Great Void. Everything in the world is created from the thought of the Creator.


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