Tongue drum (30 cm). Milky Way. Happy drum

250 $

– Ø 30 cm
– Height 18 cm
– Weight: 3.5 kg
– Story: Natural minor (F # 3, G # 3, A3, B3, C # 4, D4, E4, F # 4, G # 4, A4, B4, C # 5).

Gift: sticks for the game.

Описание товара

The name of the Milky Way is common in Western culture and is a tracing paper from the lat. via lactea "dairy road", which, in turn, tracing paper with other Greek. κύκλος γαλαξίας "milk circle". The name Galaxy is formed by analogy with the other Greek. γαλακτικός "milky". According to the ancient Greek legend, Zeus decided to make his son Hercules, born of a mortal woman, immortal, and for this laid him to his sleeping wife Hera, so that Hercules drank the divine milk. Hera, waking up, saw that she was not feeding her own child, and pushed him away from herself. The stream of milk that sprinkled from the chest of the goddess turned into the Milky Way.


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