Hang “Gloss Coal”

1300 $

Elite hange is a high-quality alloy made of unique technology.

Choose your musical system and let us know exactly which one you want to receive and our master will produce hang according to the chosen tonality.

Video with the sound of musical constructions, you can look in the corresponding section of our website “List of musical constructions” , or make a request and the administrator of the group will send you examples of sound and you can choose your system .
High quality, deep sound, vibration and overtone.
The manufacturing time is 25 days.

Also we suggest you order your author’s anti-vandal case .

For online communication, free calls and online chat, write to the administrator in WhatsApp: +79104524227


In the process of manufacturing hanga, our master uses the surface nitriding operation. In the process of this operation, a very thin coating is created on the surface of the instrument, preventing oxidation (rusting) of the steel. At the final step, a thin layer of Biofa varnish is applied to the hange. In addition, the hangu has a brass cover. It is applied by a brass brush and implanted in the outer surface of the han by calcination in an oven. Another distinctive feature of the hange is an additional brass ring around the seam that connects the upper and lower halves.

Delivery to Russia and all over the world!

For the order from you you need the full address for delivery with the index, the name of the recipient, the mobile phone for communication and payment of the instrument.
Payment is convenient to the card of the Savings Bank, to a bank account, or PayPal, or any money transfer system.

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