Tank drum (30 cm). Tongue drum. Helios

250 $

– Ø 30 cm
– Height 18 cm
– Weight: 3.5 kg
– Story: Natural minor (F # 3, G # 3, A3, B3, C # 4, D4, E4, F # 4, G # 4, A4, B4, C # 5).

Gift: sticks for the game.

Описание товара

Helios (Helios, Eelios) (Greek, Ἥλιος, Ἠέλιος) - in Greek mythology, the solar deity, the son of the titan Hyperion (where his nickname "Hyperionid" came from) and Tei (or the son of Hyperion and Irifess), the brother of Selena and Eos. Since the time of Euripides, Helios, like the all-seeing God of the Sun, was identified with Apollo, the all-knowing prophetic god; hence the other name of Helios - Feobos. In Feuerides of Syria Helios is identified with Zeus, with Feagin - with Hephaestus, Apollo and fire. According to Dionysius Skitobrakhion, Helios himself is a boy drowned in Eridani.


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