Black case for handpan

170 $

Waterproof fabric, wide and comfortable shoulder straps, carry handles, anti-vandal filler.
Professional cover for your tool.
Beautiful appearance and functionality.
Different colors are possible.
To order, please write to WhatsApp: +79104524227

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Описание товара

We sell the hard cases / backpack-bags for vajrafon handpans. It fits any type of handpan of any manufacturers. You can purchase separately or together with handpan. A comfortable ergonomic backpack-case, which can be worn behind the back . It has  strong and comfortable straps on carabiners. You can easily hold it in the hand by a comfortable handle. The case has built-in 4mm plastic plates for anti-vandal effect. There are different colours available: red, black, blue. Other colours of your choice. Different sizes: 45 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm - at your choice and for your instrument. We can make exactly for order. Worldwide Delivery. Payment is convenient by PayPal, PaySend, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Unistream, MoneyGram etc.


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