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The Valdai Museum Bell Center was given a glucophone

A unique gift from the capital was given to the Museum Bell Center of the Valdai Branch of the Novgorod Museum-Reserve. Moscow musician Alexey Tallalay transferred to the museum collection ethnic percussion instrument hang, in Russia, better known by the amusing name of a glucophon. As the senior scientific employee of the museum Nadezhda Yakovleva […]

Металлические язычковые барабаны

Metal reed drums

Glucophone and other metal reed drums. The reason for creating this topic is my interest in glukofonam and similar tools. The purpose of the creation – the desire to share the accumulated information on this topic, perhaps it will be someone useful or at least interesting. Here you can also discuss technical issues, post pictures, […]

История одного предмета: космический музыкальный инструмент «Ханг»

The history of one subject: the space musical instrument “Hang”

In fact, hang is a harmonically tunable steel idiophone, with a pleasant organic sound. The tool consists of two connected hemispheres of nitrided steel, the upper one of which is called Ding, and the lower one is Gu. On the Ding part there are 8 tonal “fields” forming an octave, on which you can play […]