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Mysorean sound model is based on Halo.

 Pantheon Steel Halo Cirrus Mysorean  (E) G# A B D# E F# G B

“Mysorean is a very unusual variation found for handpicking, including both G # in lower case and natural G in uppercase, which opens up a rare opportunity for handpans. The most direct” reading “is that the tool provides six-step subgroups as m-majors and Minor in one instrument, however, in one instrument one can consider both the random G in addition to the expected Gb in the secondary key of the Ab minor, which allows you to switch from natural to harmonic minor. The natural G gives brightness, and quite similar to the reggae used in Hindustani and Carnatic music, in which the steps can be expressed differently depending on the melodic line in ascending or descending .By keeping this in mind, the variation is named after the South Indian the city of Mysore, where splendid concerts in the famous palace sometimes pass openly to the public in honor of Maharaja Mysore. (This sound model is also somewhat unusual for incorporating the natural high G #, giving it a slightly “heavier” lower hour than in many variations of Cirrus.) “

Halo Cirrus Mysorean