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Hijazkiar (or Hitzazkiar, Hijazskiar) is based on Hang, Halo and BElls.

 PANart Hang Hijazkiar (1st gen 2002/04)  (A) D Eb F# G A Bb C# D
 Pantheon Steel Halo Genesis Hijazkiar  (C) G Ab B C D Eb F# G
 Pantheon Steel Halo Cirrus Hijazkiar  (E) B C D# E F# G A# B
 BEllArt BElls Hijazskiar  (F) C Db E F G Ab B C

“Hijazkiar has a unique mood of the Silk Road, causing a warm desert wind under the stars’ twirling. This is perhaps our most difficult configuration, going beyond even harmonic minor and having the settings in mind (such as Kiavara , Shiraz and Hijaz ) with an additional departure from the traditional Western scales. With the appropriate approach, it can provide a pleasant melody, but it is full of surprises that can catch a zazevavshegosya … “