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Equinox sound model is based on Halo and Saraz.

 Pantheon Steel Halo Cirrus Equinox 7  (E) G B C D E F# G
 Pantheon Steel Halo Cirrus Equinox  (E) G B C D E F# G B
 Pantheon Steel Halo Cirrus Equinox in F  (F) Ab C Db Eb F G Ab C
 Pantheon Steel Halo Cirrus Equinox 9  (E) G B C D E F# G B E
 Saraz Equinox with high D  (E) G B C D E F# G B D

“Equinox: a moment when light and darkness are in balance”
“Named for a two-year balance of day and night, when boundaries are erased and integration takes place, Equinox is equally satisfied with contentment and peace, melancholy and melancholy.” Very open and ideal for meditation, Equinox recognizes and honors sorrow, but can also just express gratitude and joy.Easy bit. “</ i>

A bit about Batch 3: “Among the choice of sound model, the most popular choice with a good margin was Equinox, 14% of the total, usually it is a 9-tonal variation with a high E. I feel that it is appropriate to recognize that Equinox is extended scoring of the same mode and structure as the Integral , which has been the focus of PANArt’s work since the introduction of Integral Hang.We like the addition of a third as a low note on the circle, which allows you to duplicate between relative minor and primary – but this mode was first identified as PANArt as an aesthetic and harmonious-structural superiority. Respect them! “

Halo Cirrus Equinox 7

Halo Cirrus Equinox 8

Halo Cirrus Equinox 9

Halo Cirrus, altered geometry Equinox tuning in F

Saraz Equinox with high D

Saraz Equinox with high D