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Arboreal sound model is based on Halo.

 Pantheon Steel Halo Cirrus Arboreal  (Eb) Bb Cb Db Eb Gb Bb Cb Db
 Pantheon Steel Halo Cirrus High Arboreal  (Eb) Bb Cb Db Eb Gb Bb Cb Eb

“Arboreal is a pentatonic version of our popular sound model Hyboreal and gamma Oxalis – the sound model of our Stratus. In comparison with the latter, the same arrangement of the tonal field is proposed in a circle, but around the center a third lower step is marked. (All this is also half a step lower).
Where the early morning sun (in G-major) defines Oxalis, Arboreal, with the maximum isolated center firmly in Eb minor. In this context, the circle casts a shadow of the forest wall on the edge of the garden. Still green and alive, and just drowning in the Sun … but leaving with shadows and roots deep into the black, rain-moistened earth. The fifth jump into the circle, reduces the presence of Gb major, which is still hidden inside, but is subject to the lack of a binding with low Gb ( Equinox , will also be present). In the High Arboreal variant, the top note Db rises to Eb to get a two-wave spread. “

Halo Cirrus Arboreal

Halo Cirrus High Arboreal